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How To Setup a Printer

After purchasing the printer, carry out the simple instructions provided below to set up the printer.


Unpacking the printer

  • Check for the essential accessories and take them out from the box.
  • The protective materials should be removed from the printer.

Power up the printer

  • Use the manufacturer specified power cable to connect the printer to the power source.
  • Find the Power or On button on the operation panel of the printer.
  • Press and then hold the Power or On button until you see the Power LED flashing.
  • This will turn on the printer.
  • Installing toner or ink cartridges

    • Some of the printers have toner cartridges while some have ink cartridges.
    • Open the cartridge access area door.
    • Unwrap the new black toner or ink cartridge.
    • Keep the unpacked black toner or ink cartridge in the printer.
    • Make sure to place the cartridge correctly in its slot.
    • Do the same to install the remaining cyan, magenta, and yellow toner or ink cartridges in the printer.
    • Once done, close the cartridge access door properly.

Loading paper

  • Check for the paper specifications provided by the printer manufacturer.
  • Draw the paper tray out from the printer, keep some recommended paper in it, and put the paper tray back into the printer.
  • The paper mark should not exceed the triangular arrow mark to prevent paper feeding problems.
  • To fit the paper correctly in the paper tray, adjust its guides.

Fax setup

  • Attach one end of the telephone line cord to the LINE port of the printer.
  • The other end of the telephone line cord should be connected to the telephone wall jack.
  • Set the fax settings on the printer’s control panel.

Software installation

  • Download the printer driver from the manufacturer site.
  • You can also use an installation CD to install the printer driver on your computer.
  • Double-click the installer file to start the installation process.
  • While installing the printer software, you have to set the connection type to USB, wired, or wireless.
  • Make sure to establish a connection between the computer and the printer using any of the supported connection types.
  • Once done with the printer installation, close the installation wizard and try to print a test page.