How To Set Up A Backup Server For Windows?

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How To Setup A Backup Server For Windows?

Windows server backup is a feature that you can install on all computers. It has a set of wizards to perform a basic backup. You can easily recover your data if you have installed the backup server. You can consider the steps that are given below how to setup a backup server for Windows.

  • Open the Server Manager window and click the Manage menu.
  • Select the Add Roles and Features option from the displayed list.
  • When a window pops-up, go to the Select Features page.
  • Click the Features tab and checkmark the Windows Server Backup box. Then, click Next.
  • Wait until the feature is installed and click on the Close button.
  • Once it is installed, go to the Manager and click the Tools menu.
  • Select the Windows Server Backup option from the displayed list.
  • When the Windows Server Backup Console window appears, select Actions.
  • Now, select the Backup Once option from the displayed list.
  • Select the Backup Options tab on the left panel.
  • Choose Different options and click on the Next button.
  • Click Backup Configuration and select the Custom option. Click Next.
  • Select the items you want to backup and click Add Items.
  • Once you have selected what to backup, click on the OK button. You can pick the items that you want to backup.
  • Navigate to Advanced Settings and configure the required settings.
  • You can set exclusions by clicking on the Add Exclusion button. Click OK.
  • VSS Settings will help you to use another solution to Windows Server Backup.
  • Select the preferred destination type and select the backup destination.
  • On the confirmation page, click the Backup.
  • Select Configure Performance Settings under Actions.
  • Continue with the rest of the process by following the instructions displayed on how to setup a backup server for windows screen and click on the Finish button.