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How To Setup 3 Monitors On A Laptop?

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How To Setting up 3 Monitors On Laptop

The multiple monitor setups are easier if you work from your home as a high-end designer or a gamer. The multiple monitor setups can bring out the best experience and it is said to increase the productivity of your work. You can easily shift between monitors and tabs without any trouble and this would save a lot of your time. So, you have to know how to set up 3 monitors on a laptop?

Before beginning the steps to 3 monitors on your laptop, perform the steps that are given below.

  • Initially, check if your graphics card supports the multiple monitor setup.
  • Find out your graphics card model and you can easily verify whether it supports multiple monitor connections using the internet.
  • Next thing to check is if your laptop has multiple HDMI or DisplayPorts.
  • If it has, then you can directly connect your external monitors to your laptop.
  • Else, you have to get a compatible docking station for your laptop to make the multiple monitor setup to know how to set up 3 monitors on a laptop.
  • Initially, connect all your external monitors to your laptop either directly or through a docking station.
  • The connections can be made using the HDMI cables or DisplayPort cables.
  • If required, make use of appropriated adapters to make the cable connections between laptop, docking station, and external monitors.
  • Now, open the Display option on your Windows laptop with the shortcut key Windows key + P.
  • The Display option will now open.
  • Another way of opening the Display option is by clicking the Windows button and then clicking the Settings option.
  • Click the System option and select Display.
  • The laptop will automatically detect the three connected monitors and you will be able to see it on your laptop.
  • Choose the recommended resolution from the Resolution drop-down list.
  • You can set the landscape orientation from the Landscape drop-down list.
  • Under the Multiple Displays option, select Extend these displays from the drop-down list.
  • Click the OK button and click the Apply button to save the changes made to the computer.
  • You can order the display of the monitors. Make sure that the display of the laptop can be viewed on the external monitors as well. After to know how to set up 3 monitors on a laptop