How To Connect Firestick Remote?

How To Connect Firestick Remote?

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Connecting Firestick Remote

Do you know that you can pair up to seven remotes to your Fire TV? Carry out the easy instructions mentioned on this web page to know how to connect firestick reomte to your Fire TV.

Method 1 - Using The Menu

  • Access the Fire TV menu and select the Settings option.
  • Choose the Controllers & Bluetooth Devices option followed by the Amazon Fire TV Remotes option.
  • On the Firestick remote, hold the Home button for approximately 10 seconds.
  • If the remote is not connected to the Fire TV, proceed with the steps given here.
  • Replace the old batteries on the remote.
  • Move the Firestick remote closer to the TV. The distance between them should not be greater than 10 feet.
  • Disconnect the Fire TV’s power cord from the power source. Leave it for a few seconds and connect it again.
  • If you have already paired seven remotes, you cannot connect additional remote.
  • Remove any one them and reconnect the TV.
  • You can also use the Fire TV application to establish a connection between the Fire TV and the Firestick remote.

Method 2 - How To Connect Firestick Remote Using Fire TV App?

The Amazon Fire TV application is available for both the Android and iOS devices.

Step 1

  • Android - Open the Google Play Store application on your Android mobile phone, type Amazon Fire TV in the search bar, and choose the same from the displayed results.
  • Tap the Install option to install the app on the Android mobile phone.
  • iPhone - Launch the App Store application on your iPhone, search the Amazon Fire TV application, and tap the Get option.

Step 2

  • After the installation, open the Fire TV application.
  • Go to the Fire TV Settings menu and select Controllers & Bluetooth Devices -> Amazon Fire TV Remotes -> Add New Remote.
  • In the Fire TV application, choose your Firestick remote to connect it to your TV. If you have any further queries on how to connect firestick remote, click the call button.