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Connect Canon Pixma Mx490 To Laptop

Canon PIXMA MX 490 is an All-in-one printer that uses the Inkjet printing technology, providing high-quality prints. You can connect the printer to your laptop and manage the printer operations from the printer utility software on the laptop. Consider the below how to connect Canon pixma Mx490 to laptop steps to connect Canon PIXMA MX490 to the laptop.

Wireless connection setup:

WPS method

  • It is the easiest method to connect, as it does not need the printer software or any other information, except that the Wi-Fi router should have the WPS setup enabled or have the WPS button to use the method.
  • Switch on the printer and make sure the printer is turned on.
  • Check that the printer is within the range of the router’s signal. Then provide the power connection to the router.
  • On the control panel of the Canon printer, press the Setup button and choose Wireless LAN Setup using the navigation keys.
  • From the different Wireless LAN setup options, press the OK button to select the WPS (Push Button) option.
  • Next on using how to connect Canon pixma Mx490 to laptop procedure, press the WPS button of the router.
  • Immediately, press the OK button on the control panel of the printer.
  • After that, if the message “Connected” appears on the display panel, press OK to finish and continue with the printer operations.
  • Open the network list on the laptop, select the router’s network, and click Connect.
  • After the laptop is connected to the router, install the printer software on the system to easily manage the printer functions.

Wired connection:

Using USB cable

  • Connect the printer and the laptop using a USB cable directly.
  • See if the system detects the printer, or you can add the printer setup to your laptop.
  • In a Windows device, navigate to the Control Panel window, select the Printers & Scanners, and choose the Add a Printer option.
  • If prompted, install the necessary printer drivers on your laptop.
  • Similarly, on a Mac laptop on using how to connect Canon pixma Mx490 to laptop guide, go to the System Preferences window, select Printer & Scanners, and add the printer to the laptop.
how to connect canon pixma mx490 to laptop