Epson Connect Printer Setup Mac

Epson Connect Printer Setup Mac

There are many ways to connect an Epson printer to a Mac computer. You can connect the printer and computer using wired and wireless connection methods. If the printer is connected to the Mac computer, you can easily print any document from the computer. This page helps you to connect the Epson printer to a Mac computer.

Basic setup:

  • Complete the unboxing and basic printer setup.
  • Remove all protective tape from the printer.
  • Connect one end of the power cord to the Epson printer and the other end to the electrical socket.
  • Now load a paper stack into the input tray.
  • Install the ink cartridges.
  • Make sure the router is turned ON and configured.
  • Check if the printer is placed near the router.

Automatically connect Epson printer to Mac:

  • Turn ON the printer.
  • Turn ON the Mac computer and open the default browser.
  • Now download the printer driver from the official Epson support website.
  • Run the downloaded file and click Install Navi.
  • If prompted, click Open.
  • Now, enter the admin username and password, then click Install Helper.
  • On the License Agreement screen, select the preferred check box and click Next.
  • Now you have to select the connection method. Click Connect via wireless network (Wi-Fi) and click Next.
  • Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the automatic Wi-Fi setup.

Manually connect Epson printer to Mac:

  • Turn ON the Mac computer and open a browser.
  • Go to Epson's official website and download the Navi drive or insert the installation CD in the CD drive.
  • Now run the setup file and click Install Navi.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • If the automatic wireless connection failed to try the manual method, on the Wi-Fi, Auto Connection Failed screen, click Next.
  • Now the Wi-Fi Manual Setup screen appears; follow the on-screen instructions and click Next to complete the manual Wi-Fi setup on the Mac computer.

If you need more assistance in setting up Wi-Fi on your Dell printer, contact our technician via Call on online chat.

Printer Control panel setup:

  • Turn ON your printer and tap the Network Icon > Wi-Fi (Recommended) > Start Setup > Wi-Fi Setup Wizard.
  • Now tap your network’s SSID and enter your password using the control panel, then tap OK.
  • On the Navi installer, click Test Print Page to check the connection status.
  • Now the installer will connect the printer to the Mac.

Finally, the Epson Connect Printer Setup Mac is successfull.