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Citizen CL s700 Setup

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Citizen Cl S700 Setup

  • Unbox the Citizen CL s700 setup printer. The Citizen set comes with
  • Ribbon holder
  • Paper guide
  • Sample ribbon
  • Paper core for the ribbon
  • Media holder
  • Media holder bar
  • Head cleaner
  • Test label media
  • CD installation
  • Power cord 
  • Quick start guide
how to setup citizen cl s700

The Citizen CL s700 series is one of the leading industrial printers. It is designed for its easy use and comes with a body that can open up 90 degrees vertically for easy ribbon access. The ribbon control is known for its precision support for printing on even the smallest media. The Citizen CL s700 setup printer series is also known for its direct thermal and thermal transfer mode prints. The s700 can hold rolls up to 8 inches and a paper thickness of 0.25 mm. It comes with a backlight LCD for easy configuration.

  • Open the Citizen CL s700 top cover to its full 90 degrees
  • Take the ribbon holder and install it in between them to attach the ribbon and the paper core.
  • The media holder bar supports the media that can install inside the Citizen CL s700 setup printer.
  • The thermal print head can be moved sideways up to the left.
  • Load the media roll in the media guide, align it properly, and close it.
  • Slide the paper guide slowly to the side of the media to avoid jams.
  • Insert the ribbon in the paper core and into the ribbon holder.
  • Load ribbon in the thermal print head and load the ribbon holder till it clicks.
  • Install the re-winder paper guide at the top of the printer.
  • Slide in the media slot cover and slide it both ways.
  • Close the thermal head and also close the top cover of the citizen printer.
  • Plug the power cord into the back of the printer.
  • Insert the USB cable into the USB interface.
  • Insert the parallel and the serial interface cable.
  • Turn off the power switch below the USB interface slot.
  • Your Citizen CL s700 will now power on, and the LCD will show the “On-Line Ready” message.

Citizen CL S700 Driver Download

The Citizen CL s700 printer comes with a driver installation CD. Load the CD into the computer or the laptop’s CD ROM. The network will now read the installation disc and open the driver setup windows. Choose the language you want. The windows or MAC will open the license agreement, click the I Accept radio button. Select the destination folder to install your Citizen CL s700 driver and click Next. The computer will ask for additional options like Create a desktop icon and other additional downloads. Click the Install driver for Citizen CL s700 setup printers and click Next. The screen will show a preview of the selected options, click Install. Once the installation is complete, the printer driver will open a window to choose a type of printer setup connection. Select the USB setup and click next. The USB connection will take some time to detect your printer. Select your Citizen CL s700 printer and click Next. The action will launch the printer driver.

Citizen CL S700 Driver Windows

  • Download the Citizen CL s700 driver for Windows.
  • Ensure that your Citizen s700 is securely connected to your computer through a USB interface. 
  • Open the Citizen official website once you set up your printer. Excellent Citizen support. Click downloads. 
  • The download will load a new window. 
  • Select the type of Operating System as Windows. Specify the version of OS and click Search. 
  • Select the Citizen CL s700 driver download you need to install for your Windows computer. 
  • The download is now ready.
  • You can now run the download file and install your Citizen CL s700 setup printer to your computer.
Citizen CL s700 driver

Citizen CL S700 Manual Download

The manual download for the CL s700 is available on the Citizen’s official website. The Citizen CL s700 manual available in PDF format to download and save it on your computer. The printer manual is also available in a HTML version to view it on your computer. It also availabe in various languages. The Citizen CL S700 manual contains unboxing, setup and also troubleshooting instructions.

How to Connect Citizen CL S700 to Computer

  • The Citizen CL s700 comes with the following to make a connection to your computer.
  • Parallel interface cable to coonect Citizen CL S700 to computer.
  • Serial interface cable.
  • USB interface cable.
  • The power switch is seen in front of the printer to ease regular access.
  • Turn on the power switch.
  • The control panel will show On Line Ready.

Citizen CL S700 LED Not Turn On

  • If the Citizen CL s700 LED not turn on, there are some common errors.
  • Check if the Citizen CL s700 setup printer’s power switch is on.
  • Check the serial interface cable to see for any signs of damage.
  • Make sure the USB cable is connected correctly to both the Citizen printer and your computer.
  • Check if there is any sign of fuse or power drip to solve Citizen CL S700 LED not turn on. 
  • If a power drip is the reason, try to move your printer to an area that has more power or wait until you have full power.

Citizen CL S700 Not Printing

  • You may find precise solutions if your Citizen CL s700 not printing.
  • Check to see if the top cover of the Citizen CL s700 setup printer is shut correctly.
  • Correctly set your media and the ribbon.
  • Select an appropriate media density because if the density is too low, the printer can malfunction.
  • Check if the platen in your printer is dirty or deformed.
  • The platen can be cleansed with a particular type of alcohol.
  • The precautionary measure is to clean the printhead at regular intervals to remove the dirt with an attached head cleaner to avoid Citizen CL S700 not printing.
  • A portion of the label can be stuck there in case of a jam.
  • Check the thermal printhead to see if the media is placed in a proper position.
  • Set the thermal printhead pressure of Citizen CL s700 setup printer following the width of the media adjustment dial.