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Improper maintenance of a printer or incorrect settings made while using how to add a printer guidelines may lead to issues. You can get detailed and accurate solutions for every printer issue on our website.

Printer Driver Installation Problem

Driver Installation Problem

Restart your system, and re-install the correct printer driver. Not resolved? Get to us!

Printer Network Connection Problem

Network Connection Problem

Networks connections may fail frequently. The issue can be fixed, and we can assist you.

Printer Paper Jam

Paper Jamming Issue Problems

Wrinkled paper in the tray may lead to paper jams. Be careful while clearing the jams.

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Printer Issue and Its solutions

paper stuck in printer

Paper is stuck into the Tray

Remove the paper using both hands from the tray.

Low Ink Problems

Low Ink problem

Refill or replace the ink tank which is low on ink

Printer Ink Cartridge Replacement

Replacement of Cartridge issue

Replace the defective cartridge with genuine one.

Printer Printing Problems

Printout’s text is not visible clearly

Set the print settings as per the print media.

Smudged Paper Problems

Smudged Paper Problem

Align the printhead and use only recommended media.

Printer Wi-fi Connectivity Issue

Wi-Fi connectivity issue

Power cycle your printer and the wireless router.

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Setup Printer

How to Setup a Wireless Printer

Perform printer setup by following the quick, simple how to setup a wireless printer steps as given below. Contact our printer technical experts to get remote assistance for the same.

  • Unpack the printer and turn it ON add your printer using how to add a printer steps. Install the ink cartridges and place enough paper in the tray.
  • Get the printer driver. Install the driver by following the instructions on the installer screen.
  • Connect the printer to your system using USB cable or wired/wireless network. Perform a test print after following how to setup a wireless printer steps.

Cool Printer Features

Make use of smart features that are available for your printer to perform any printer-related operation quickly from a device over network or USB connection and use how to add a printer steps to add printer..

Easy Setup

Smart App For Easy Setup, Effortless Printing!

Perform printing and scanning operations quickly from anywhere and at any time by installing smart app available for the printer on your device on a network and proceed with how to add a printer steps.

  • Do the initial printer setup using how to setup a wireless printer steps by referring to the guided instructions provided on this web page.
  • Download and Install the smart app available for your printer on your laptop, desktop, or mobile phone.
  • Launch the smart app and perform printer-related operations through a wired or wireless network.
how to add a wireless printer
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Scan and Fax

How to Print, Scan and Fax

Perform the print, scan, or fax operation from your hand-held, laptop, or desktop device to the printer over a wired, local or wireless network connection.

  • Open the document. Click Print, select your printer model, set print preferences, and click OK.
  • Open the scanner lid. Place your document and press Scan. Perform the on-screen instructions.
  • After adding your printer using how to add a printer steps, Configure your printer for fax operations. Load the document to be faxed. Press the Fax button