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Issue: Printer Stuck On Pause

This page will help you know the causes and solutions for the printer stuck on pause issue on a Mac computer.While performing the print operation continuously for a long time, there is a chance for the print job to fail. Managing the print job is important to avoid such issues. After every print operation, check whether it is completed successfully. If more number of print jobs are assigned at a time, then it might take so long to complete. To speed up the ongoing print job, you can manually pause the upcoming one. But, in case the print jobs are paused without your knowledge, then there is an issue that you have to look into.

Perform the following methods to resolve the printer stuck on pause Mac issue.

Solution 1: Manually resume the print job

  • Locate and click your printer icon in the Dock.
  • Now, a list of queued print jobs will be displayed on the screen.
  • Choose the print job that you wish to resume.
  • Click the Resume
  • Now, the selected print job will be resumed.
Printer Stuck On Pause Mac

Solution 2: Check the print dialog box

  • Usually, when the printer fails to complete the print job, a dialog box displaying the cause of the issue will be displayed on your Mac computer.
  • For example, you may get to see a message like this: This printer has been paused. Do you want to resume printing?. If the dialog box displays the above message, then locate and click the Resume button on it.

Solution 3: Activate Appletalk

If you encounter the printer stuck on pause issue while performing the print operation over a network, then activate Appletalk to resolve it. Carry out the below instructions to activate Appletalk.

  • Open the System Preferences window on your computer.
  • Click Network > Advanced > Appletalk > Make AppleTalk Active.

Now, check if the printer stuck on pause Mac issue is persist, contact us to solve this issue.