HP Designjet T525 36-in Printer Setup

Designjet T525 36-in Printer Setup

Unpack & Assemble:

  • Unbox the printer, take out the carton tray containing the stand equipment.
  • Hold one of the standing legs and flip it upside down.
  • Fix the crossbar into the stand and then screw it.
  • Now, do the above step to the other leg of the stand.
  • See that the two vertical bars of the two stand legs are on the same side to support the basket.
  • After setting up the stand structure, turn the stand structure such that it stands up.
  • Open the basket and place it in between the two slots on the top of the stand structure.
  • Place the two supports on top of the two stand structure slots such that the triangle points towards the basket.
  • Tighten the supports using two screws and nuts on both of the supports.
  • Next, check if all the wheels are locked.
  • Unfold the plastic wrapping in the carton box and pull out the red tapes.
  • Find the triangle slots on each side of the printer inside the carton box.
  • Set the stand structure onto the printer in such a way that the triangle portions of the stand supports are inserted into the triangle slots of the printer.
  • Tighten the stand structure to the printer using two screws on both the legs.
  • Turn the whole box to its side and with the help of another person, lift the box.
  • Slowly straighten the box. Keep the flaps open.
  • When the printer is standing erect, remove the carton box and take out the end caps.
  • Discard all the protective plastic covers, foam covers, orange tapes, and orange skewer pins from the printer.
  • Next, insert the paper tray into the slot.
  • Open the wheel locks and shift the printer to the desired spot.

Power On:

  • Plug the power cable to the printer and the other end to the wall socket.
  • Then, connect the Ethernet cable if you want to establish a wired connection. Otherwise, skip this step.
  • When the printer turns on, set your language and region.

Install ink cartridge:

  • Open up the ink cartridges door on the printer.
  • Insert the cartridges into the respective holders; a click sound will be heard.
  • After that, close the cartridges door.
  • A message will appear on the printer screen asking to align the printhead.

Feed papers:

  • Pull the input paper tray and output paper tray.
  • Place some paper in the input tray and fix the papers by adjusting the tray.
  • Now, press OK on the printer screen. The printer will align the printhead.

Load paper roll to the spindle:

  • Take out the spindle from the printer and separate the blue stop from the spindle rod.
  • Slip the paper roll upon the spindle such that the paper edge goes into the printer.
  • Move the paper roll to the right end of the spindle rod and fix the blue stop onto the left end of the paper roll.
  • Place spindle in the printer and tuck the paper edge into the printer.
  • Wait for few minutes until the printer detects it.

HP Designjet T525 36-in Driver

Basic drivers, Driver-Printer software, and Driver-Driver package are available online.

HP Designjet T525 24-in Driver

  • The installation CD delivered along with the printer contains the installer package.
  • Insert the installation CD into your computer’s CD drive and run the installer.

Use the online website:

  • Go to the support page of the printer manufacturer site.
  • Enter the printer name and select the OS version for downloading the drivers.

HP Designjet T525 36-in Printer Manual

The printer manual is given along with the printer while you purchase it.Otherwise, download the manuals from the official website of the printer. It is offered in the PDF format.

HP Designjet T525 36-in wireless setup

  • Turn on your router and connect the computer to this network.
  • Switch on the HP DesignJet T525 36-IN printer.
  • Tap the Settings icon on the printer screen.
  • Under Setup, choose the ‘Connectivity’ menu.
  • Now, select the Wireless Setup Wizard option and then press Continue.
  • Wait until the printer detects the Wi-Fi network.
  • If the network name is not shown, then try again after refreshing the printer. If the network is still not visible, then manually enter the network name and continue.
  • Next, select the network name; you will be prompted to enter the network password.
  • Tap on OK and type the password.
  • Finally, confirm the network settings by pressing OK.
  • The connection status will appear on the printer screen.

HP Designjet T525 36-in Troubleshooting

Print problems:

  • When the printed lines are thick or very thin, check the paper type settings on the printer and the print quality settings.
  • Sometimes, the lines in an image become distorted; this can be due to the image quality. So, improve the image quality using an appropriate application and then print.
  • The print lines can get blurred because of the humidity conditions, ink quality, and paper quality. Using a thin paper makes the printer use less ink, so use a heavier paper.

Network problems:

  • Check if you have chosen the right printer on your computer to print. If it is correct, check the network connection.
  • At times, the printer may take some time to process the operations over the network, so verify it.
  • The printer settings on the computer should match the printer details like the printer IP address. 

Ink cartridge problems:

  • Place the ink cartridges in the correct slots.
  • Use only the original ink cartridges of the manufacturer. Else, the printer may not detect the ink cartridges.
  • Make sure the printhead is properly positioned. If not, the printhead will not insert into the printhead carriage.