How To Setup Wifi On Lg Smart Tv Without Remote

How To Setup Wifi On Lg Smart Tv Without Remote?

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If you are having an LG Smart TV, but lost its remote, you will still be able to operate it using a quick fix. Since your Smart TV is (currently) not connected to the Internet, you cannot make use of your cell phone as a remote. Using a mouse, you can do the trick. In our case, we will be using a wireless mouse that you will be connecting to your Smart TV. Carry out the below-mentioned steps on how to setup wifi on LG Smart TV without remote.

So, let us now plunge into the steps to connect your LG Smart TV to Wi-Fi using your mouse.

  • The first step is to get your mouse connected to the Smart TV. When you have finished doing that, please check if the mouse works. You can be sure that it works fine if you can see the cursor on your TV.
  • Next, you have to press the button located at the base of your Smart TV. Please press it only once.
  • Now, you will see a short list of options on your TV screen. From these options, locate INPUT and click on it.
  • Next, go to Live TV on your screen. Then, please click on it.
  • Now, please go to the right side of your TV screen and click on Channels.
  • Please scroll down the screen to the section where you can see the Recommended option.
  • When you click the Recommended option, you will find a message stating that you are not connected to the Internet. Now, you just have to click on the Yes button, and the message will just disappear.
  • Your Network Settings will now pop up on the Smart TV screen. Using these settings, you can easily get connected to your wireless Internet.
  • Please click on the Wi-Fi Security option. This action will display the Wi-Fi Security screen. When prompted, enter your password.
  • After entering your password, click on the Enter button on your TV screen. Now, your LG Smart TV will start getting connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Please wait patiently until the connection is complete.
  • You have now successfully connected your LG Smart TV to Wi-Fi.

We have now seen the steps how to setup WiFi on LG Smart TV without remote.