How To Setup Toshiba Smart Tv Wifi

Smart TVs are becoming trendier and are to its appearance as well as the user-friendly nature. Using a Smart TV, you can enjoy accessing the Internet, live streaming, and surf through supported apps like YouTube, Netflix, and Google apps. With the wireless setup, you can place your Smart TV at any location. You can also mount your TV on the wall and complete the basic setup within a few minutes. If you wish to set up your Toshiba Smart TV on Wi-Fi, refer to our site's quick steps.

  • Turn on your Wi-Fi router and the Toshiba Smart TV.
  • Place the Wi-Fi router near the Smart TV to avoid network traffics.
  • When the Smart TV is powered on, press the Menu button on your remote or using the Smart TV buttons.
  • Locate the Settings option using the navigation keys.
  • Select Settings and press the OK button to open the Settings window on the Toshiba Smart TV.
  • Scroll down the page and go to the Network section.
  • Select the Wireless Connection option and check whether the WLAN Switch wireless connection button is turned on.
  • Select the AP Connections option to view the available Wi-Fi networks.
  • Select your Wi-Fi network name and tap the OK button.
  • Enter the network key and select Enter in the on-screen keyboard.
  • Now, Toshiba Smart TV will be connected to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Next, press the Green button on your remote.
  • Once your TV connects to the Wi-Fi network, verify the wireless connection by accessing the Internet on your Toshiba Smart TV.
  • If you have lost the Smart TV remote, use the Smart TV remote app on your Smartphone to control the settings.

If you aren't able to connect your Toshiba Smart TV to Wi-Fi, click the Call button available on this page to contact our technical support team.