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A Barcode printer is a computer essential that helps in printing barcode labels or tags. These labels and tags can be directly attached or printed on physical objects. The barcode printers are commonly used for printing in shipping companies and are used to label cartons. Most of the barcode printers use one of the two technologies.  The Digital thermal printers use the printhead to generate heat that leads to a chemical reaction in a specially designed paper that turns black. The thermal transfer printer uses heat, but instead of reacting on the paper, the heat melts away on the ribbon and runs over the label or the tag material.

The barcode printers are designed especially for market purposes.

In warehouses, industrial barcode printers that have large paper capacities and operate faster with a long service life are used.

Here are the directions to configure and set up a barcode printer.

  • Install the printer driver on the CD/ DVD that came along with the barcode printer.
  • Once the installation is done on the computer, click the start button and open the control panel.
  • When the control panel opens, locate the Hardware and Sound option and click Devices and Printers.
  • The option will show you a list of devices that are connected to the computer.
  • Expand the option of the printer by clicking the drop-down arrowand select the barcode printer connected to the computer.
  • Right-click on the barcode printer and select the Printing Preferences
  • Select thepage setup tab in the Printing Preferences and click the New
  • When edit stock window opens, make sure the value for the label size and the liner width is entered correctlyas given below. Click the OK
  • For Label size: 
  • Width: 101.6 mm
  • Height: 25.4 mm
  • Exposed Liner Width:
  • Left: 1.3
  • Right: 1.3
  • Click the OKbutton to save the stock and set the newly created configuration as default to print generated labels and click Save Label. (Click the checkbox)
  • Navigate to the inventory section on the left panel and click the barcode icon.
  • You can select the paper roll type and the number of barcode labels to be printedin the respective fields, click Generate Labels.
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For Optimal Configuration Settings

  • Open the Printing preferences from the control panel.
  • Hardware & Sound > Device and Printers.
  • Click on the barcode printer and right-click to select Printing Preferences.
  • Under the Page Setup tab, set the orientation to Portrait and click OK.
  • Click the graphics tab and set the resolution to 203 dpi x 20 dpi. Select the dithering option toHalftone and click OK.
  • Click the Stock tab and select Use Current Printer settingfrom the drop-down Click the Use Current Printer settings checkbox under Position Adjustments.
  • Click the Options tab and mark the Use Current Printer Settings
  • Set the graphic format to Automaticin both Direct to Buffer and Stored graphics drop-down boxes.
  • Click thePage Setup tab and select Advanced Options.
  • Select the Printing Position tab and set the position adjustment for horizontal offset and vertical offset.
  • Under the User Commandstab, select the ‘Start the Job’ command and click OK.
  • Click thepassthrough tab and click the radio button none for Optical Passthrough Method. Finally, click the OK
  • You can now select the halftone pattern and make other changes like Contrast, Brightness, and Input RGB gamma.After making all the changes, click 
  • You can test your barcode by printing 1 or 2 labels to make sure you get the accurate result based on the settings made.