How to Setup Modem and Router

How to Setup Modem and Router?

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How To Setup Modem and Router?

To access the Internet from multiple devices, you have to establish a connection between your router and modem. Refer to the step-by-step guidelines provided on this web page to know how to set up a modem and router.

  • Take a coaxial cable and connect one of its ends to a wall outlet from your ISP.
  • Plug the other end of the coaxial cable into the correct port on the modem.

Step 2 - Turning on the modem

  • Connect the power cable to the modem and an electrical outlet.
  • Now, the modem will turn on by itself.
  • If it does not, locate the Power button and press it.

Step 3 - Modem and router connection

  • Take an Ethernet cable and plug an end into the Ethernet port of the modem.
  • The other end of the Ethernet cable should be connected to the WAN or Internet port of the router.

Step 4 - Turning on the router

  • Connect the router’s power cord to an electrical outlet.
  • Now, the router will turn on automatically.

Step 5 - Router and computer connection

Take another Ethernet cable and connect it between the LAN port of the router and your computer.

Step 6 - Verification

  • Check if all the LEDs on the router and the modem are lighted.
  • This indicates that the connection has been established correctly.

Step 7 - Access the router’s web interface

  • Launch a web browser, type the router’s default IP address in the address field, and press the Enter key on the keyboard.
  • Provide the router’s login credentials in the Username and Password fields.
  • Once you click the Sign in button, you will be redirected to the web interface page of the router.
  • Make sure to update the router’s firmware to a newer version.

Step 8 - Configuring wireless network

  • Go to the Wireless web page and enter a new network name in the SSID field.
  • Choose WPA/WPA2 as the encryption type and set a password for the wireless network.
  • Save the wireless network settings.
  • Remove the Ethernet cable that is connected between the router and the computer.
  • Now, you can connect to the router wirelessly using its SSID and password.
  • By using these steps on how to setup modem and router.