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Setup Canon Mx410 Fax

The how to setup Canon Mx410 fax steps to set up a fax connection on a Canon MX410 printer are mentioned on this web page.

  • Use the telephone cord to connect the telephone wall jack and the Canon printer.
  • After plugging in one of the telephone line cord to the wall jack, plug the other end to the jack labeled ‘L’ at the rear end of the printer.
  • If you wish to connect an answering machine or telephone, then use another telephone cord to connect the telephone jack of the printer and the telephone.
  • Before proceeding, make sure the Canon MX410 printer is turned on.
  • Now, press the Fax button on the control panel of the printer setup and press the Menu button.
  • Use the arrow buttons and navigate to the Receive mode set option.
  • Now, you can select the receiving mode for the Fax machine. You have three modes to select from:
  • Tel priority mode
how to setup canon mx410 fax
  • Fax only mode
  • DRPD
  • After selecting the mode, press the OK button. If the advance settings menu appears, select No and press OK.
  • Now on using how to setup Canon Mx410 fax steps, the Fax mode has been set up on the Canon MX410 printer.

Send a Fax from Canon MX410

Make use of the steps given below to send a fax from your Canon MX410 printer.

  • Go to the printer’s control panel and press the Fax button.
  • By setting up fax on how to setup Canon Mx410 fax guide, Place your document that you want to fax either on the platen glass or in the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) of the Canon MX410 printer.
  • Note: If you want to fax a double-sided document, place it in on the platen glass. Because automatic faxing of a double-sided document is not available in this printer.
  • To customize the contrast and resolution of scanning, press the Fax Quality button on the control panel.
  • Specify the scan contrast and scan resolution as per your requirement using the right or left arrow button.
  • Go to the Fax Standby screen by pressing the OK button on the Canon MX410 printer’s control panel.
  • Dial the recipient’s fax number using the printer’s numeric buttons and press either the Color or Black button.
  • Now, the Canon MX410 printer begins to scan the document as per the specified scan settings.
  • Note: Color button - to send a fax in color; Black button - to send the fax in black & white.
  • You are strongly recommended not to take the original document until the scanning gets over.
  • If the document is placed in the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF), the Canon MX410 printer sends the scanned document automatically to the recipient’s fax number.
  • If you place the document on the platen glass, you will see the ‘To send the scanned page, press the OK button to start sending it’ message on the printer’s LCD panel.
  • After pressing the OK button, the scanned document will be sent to the recipient.
  • For more queries on using how to setup Canon Mx410 fax guide, Contact our technical experts by clicking the call button.