how to setup Astro A40 on PC

How To Setup Astro A40 On Pc

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Astro A40 is a gaming headset that is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. It is specially tuned for gaming and provides clarity in frequency and volume levels. ASTRO A40 can be used with Xbox, PS4, and Switch. It is configured with the ASTRO audio driver and delivers high-quality audio output. If you want to know how to setup Astro A40 on PC first, you need PC. You can use the base station or MixAmp as the charging dock.

Proceed the steps to set up the ASTRO A40 on your PC.

  • Make sure that there is sufficient charge in the headset. And to know how to setup Astro A40 on PC.
  • Press the switch on the PlayStation's rear side to turn it on to PC mode.
  • Now, connect the base station to your computer.
  • Use a micro USB cable to connect the computer and base station.
  • Align the microphone with the slot for the microphone.
  • Place the ASTRO A40 headset on the base station.
  • When the headset is being charged, you can find the orange LED.
  • If the charging doesn’t happen, remove the headset and place it on the base station again.
  • If the base station shows the status of charging, then it means the connection has been established.
  • If you find that all the lights on the base station are turned on, the ASTRO headset is fully charged.
  • Now, you have to set the sound settings correctly.
  • If you are using a Windows computer, open the Control Panel window and select Sound.
  • Select the Playback Devices tab and click ASTRO A40 Game.
  • Right-click on the headset and set the device as a default one.
  • Right-click on the ASTRO A40 voice and set it as the default communication device.
  • Navigate to the Recording Devices tab and click ASTRO A40 voice. Right-click on it and select the Default communication device option.
  • On a Mac computer, open Settings and go to the Sound section.
  • Select the Output tab and click ASTRO A40 Game.
  • Navigate to the Input tab and click ASTRO A40 voice.
  • Now, finally you know how to setup Astro A40 on PC. and you can use the ASTRO headset on your PC.