How To Setup A Wired Internet Connection?

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How To Setup A Wired Internet Connection?

Step 1

  • If you are using fiber optic internet, plug one end of the coaxial cable into the wall outlet.
  • If you are using a DSL modem, connect the one end of a phone line to the wall port.

Step 2

  • Now, the other end of the phone line or coaxial cable has to be connected to the correct port of your modem.
  • This will connect the modem to the Internet provided by your ISP.

Step 3

  • Using a power cord, connect the modem to an electrical outlet.
  • Check if the Power LED on the modem stays lit.
  • If the modem doesn’t turn on automatically, press the Power button on it. This will power up the modem.

Step 4

  • Take an Ethernet cable and plug it into the Ethernet port of the modem.

Step 5

  • Now, the Ethernet cable’s other end has to be plugged into the WAN or Internet port of your router.

Step 6

  • Connect the router’s power cord to a nearby electrical outlet.
  • Wait until the router turns on.
  • If it doesn’t, turn on the router by pressing the Power button.
  • Use this procedure on how to setup a wired internet connection.

Step 7

  • Take another Ethernet cable and connect it between the LAN port of the router and the LAN port of your computer.

Step 8


  • Click the Win logo at the lower-left end of the screen to access the Start menu.
  • Select the Network & Internet option.
  • Click the Ethernet tab in the left panel.
  • Check if the Connected message appears below your network name in the main panel.
  • This indicates that the wired connection has been established successfully.


  • Click the Apple logo, choose the System Preferences option, and select the Network option.
  • Click the Ethernet network connection on the left panel.
  • Click Advanced -> TCP/IP and check if the Using DHCP option has been selected in the Configure IPv4 drop-down menu. If not, select it.
  • Click the Renew DHCP Lease button. This will ensure that how to setup a wired Internet connection via Ethernet cable.
  • Select the OK option at the lower-right end of the screen.
  • Now, you can open a web browser and access the Internet on your computer.
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