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Setup Brother Wireless Printer

Step 1 - Unpacking the Brother printer

  • Take the essential accessories which are provided in the box.
  • The protective and packing materials need to be removed from inside and outside the Brother printer.

Step 2 - Loading paper in the printer’s paper tray

  • Check for the paper specifications and place some recommended paper in the paper tray of the Brother printer.

Step 3 - Power connection

  • Hold the ON or Power button to turn on the Brother printer.

Step 4 - Initial settings

  • Set your language, date, and time of the Brother printer.

Step 5 - Installing ink or toner cartridges

  • Open the cartridge area cover and then insert the ink or toner cartridges one after the other in their slots correctly.

Step 6 - Fax setup

  • If you need to perform the fax operation on the Brother printer, establish a fax setup connection using a telephone line cord.
  • One end of the telephone line cord should be connected to the telephone wall jack.
  • The other end of the telephone line cord should be connected to the rear port of the Brother printer.
  • Set the receive mode and station ID correctly for the fax setup.

Step 7 - Wireless network configuration

  • Methods used to configure the Brother printer for a wireless network are listed below for your reference.
  • WPS Push Button method
  • WPS PIN method
  • Control panel of the Brother printer
  • Use any of these procedures to set up the Brother printer for the wireless network.

Procedure 1 - Setting up the Brother printer for the wireless network using the WPS Push Button method

  • To follow the instructions mentioned in this procedure, the Brother printer and your wireless router should support the Push Button configuration method.
  • Use the up or down arrow key to select Settings Network WLAN WPS.
  • When the Enable WLAN? message appears on the display panel of the Brother printer, select the Yes option. This will enable the WLAN feature on the Brother printer.
  • Once done, press and then hold the WPS button on the wireless router. Go back to the Brother printer and continue with the LCD panel prompts until you see the Connected message.
  • The Connected message displays only when the wireless network connection is successful.
  • Make sure to install the Brother software on your computer.

Procedure 2 - Setting up the Brother printer for the wireless network using the WPS PIN method

  • First, enable the WLAN feature on the Brother printer.
  • When the LCD panel of the Brother printer shows an eight-digit PIN, note it down.
  • Also, the Brother printer searches for the wireless router.
  • Go to your computer that is connected over a wireless network and navigate to your default web browser.
  • Enter the IP address of the wireless router in the address field.
  • On the WPS settings web page, enter the eight-digit PIN that is displayed on the Brother printer’s LCD panel.
  • Follow the remaining instructions that appear on the screen to finish the wireless network configuration for the Brother printer.

Procedure 3 - Configuring the wireless network of the Brother printer using the control panel

  • Download the Full Driver & Software Package from the printer manufacturer website.
  • After double-clicking the installer file, proceed with the on-screen instructions to install the Brother printer driver.
  • While installing, you have to select the Wireless Connection in the Connection Type window.
  • When prompted to establish a wireless connection on the computer’s screen, go to the Brother printer.
  • Select Wi-Fi Setup Wizard, select the wireless network name of your wireless router, and enter its network key.
  • Once you see the Connected message on the Brother printer’s LCD panel, go back to the computer and carry out the rest of the prompts to finish the Brother printer’s wireless network connection.