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Setup a Network Printer

To know how to setup a Network printer on your Windows 10 system, read and proceed with the guided instructions given below.

  • First, switch on your Windows system and the printer.
  • Connect your network printer and the computer to the same network.
  • After that, on your Windows 10 system, navigate to the Control Panel section.
  • Select Hardware & Sound Devices & Printers Add a device.
  • Now, your Windows 10 system will look for the available network printers.
  • If detected, it will be displayed on the screen. Select your network printer and click the Next button.
  • If your Windows 10 system fails to detect the network printer, then click The printer that I want isn’t listed option using how to setup a network printer guide.
  • Try to add the printer manually using the printer’s TCP/IP address.
  • If you know the network printer’s name, select the Select a shared printer by name option.
  • Select your network printer’s path as prompted on the screen.
  • Select it and click the Next button.
  • If you know the IP address of your network printer, then select the Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname option and perform the on-screen printer setup instructions.
how to setup a network printer
  • Make sure to select your network printer’s driver file when prompted during the setup.
  • After successfully connecting your network printer to the computer using how to setup a network printer guide, try to perform a test print.