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How To Print Screen On Dell Laptop

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Before the era of screenshots, nobody ever thought there would be a tool that can capture exactly what’s on the screen. The tool is so simple and handy. In this Dell article, you will read how to print a screen on Dell laptops and computers alike.A Print Screen or Screenshot (it goes by different names) is an image of exactly what’s displayed on the desktop screen. There are lots of useful things when it comes to screenshots. We do know that, at times, pictures speak louder than words. It is even more engaging than reading lengthy paragraphs; screenshots are slowly taking over.Screenshots come in handy, especially when you want to report an issue. Screenshots are mostly used in IT firms when they want to report a problem. When you take a print screen or a screenshot, it makes the job easier for the IT team to understand the exact nature of the problem. Printing a screen is very resourceful for both personal and professional use. This is the article right for you if you want to know how to print a screen on a Dell laptop.

For Windows Xp And Windows Vista Users

  • If you want to print screen an entire screen, the Dell laptop comes with a Print Screen button called PrtScr.
  • If you want to print screen a full window, press the Alt button + PrtScr button.
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For Windows 7 Users

  • Press the PrtScr button to capture the entire screen.
  • Press the Alt + PrtScr button at the same time to simply print a screen of an active window.

Windows 8, 8.1, And 10 Users

  • To capture an entire screen, press the Windows key button and the PrtScr button at the same time. The print screen image will be saved to the Pictures folder on your computer.
  • If you want to capture just an active window, press the PrtScr button alone.

The steps to print a screen on a Dell laptop are so simple. Follow the same steps as mentioned in this article.