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How To Make HP Printer Scan To Computer?

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Scan To Computer Feature HP Printer

To make your HP printer scan to your PC, enable the scanning feature to the computer. Make use of the HP Printer Assistant application in order to enable the Scan to computer feature on your PC. Windows users can alone make use of this option.The complete instructions on how to make HP printer scan to computer are provided here. First, enable the Scan to computer feature and then perform the scanning operation using the instructions given on this website.

How To Enable Scan To Computer?

  • First, open the HP Printer Assistant on the PC.
  • Based on the PC’s OS version, use the below steps to open the HP Printer Assistant.
  • Windows 10: Tap on Start -> All Apps -> HP -> Printer name.
  • Windows 8.1: Choose Start -> Printer name.
  • Windows 8: Go to Start -> All Apps -> Printer name.
  • Windows 7: Tap on Start -> All Programs -> HP -> Printer’s folder -> Printer name.
  • Choose the Scan section.
  • Click on the Manage Scan to computer option.
  • Click on the Enable option.

Now, the ‘Scan to computer feature’ will be enabled on your PC. Next, continue with the below mentioned instructions to start scanning from your computer.

How To Enable Scan To Computer?

How To Scan To A Computer?

  • Take the original document and load it on the scanner glass.
  • Go to the Home screen on your printer’s control panel and choose the Scan icon.
  • Select the Computer icon.
  • Choose the PC to which the scanned document needs to be sent.
  • Select Scan Shortcut or some other option as per your preference.
  • Go to the Settings icon and choose the additional scan options.
  • Finally, choose the Send or Start Scan option.
  • The HP printer starts scanning your document to the selected computer.

Moreover, for security reasons, the remote scan feature comes disabled by default. This feature can be enabled from the Embedded web server.

  • To enable it, click on Settings. Choose the Security option.
  • Click on the Administrator Settings option.
  • Enable the checkbox beside Scan From a computer or Mobile device.
  • Choose the Apply option.

If you need assistance on how to make HP Printer Scan to Computer, click the Call button available on this page and our technical expert will assist you.