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Connect Printer To Network Windows 10

  • You can have your Windows 10 network connected to your printer by either a wired connection or a wireless connection on using how to connect printer to network Windows 10 instructions.
  • One main factor to have the printer stay connected to the network is the router feeding IP addresses automatically using DHCP.
  • If you want to connect wireless printers, you can have a look at the instruction guide given along with the printer for easy access with the help of wireless network settings.
  • Most of the wireless printers can be easily configured with the help of the on-screen prompts on the printer control panel.
  • However, older printers that are usually connected through a cable typically require to be connected to the computer directly.
  • Once the printer is connected, click on Add a printer in the Devices and Printers section from the computer Control Panel.
  • The exact procedure for adding a network printer varies a bit, and it depends on the user’s operating system installed.
how to connect the printer to network windows 10

The following steps are for the Windows 10 Operating system. The steps for the previous versions of Windows are similar:

  • Launch your Windows 10 Operating system.
  • Click the start button and navigate to the settings option.
  • You can also open the Settings from the search bar given in the Start button and proceed with how to connect printer to network Windows 10 steps.
  • The Settings page will open, you will see a list of configurations that can be made to the system:
  • System
  • Devices
  • Network & Internet
  • Accounts
  • Time & Language
  • Privacy, among others
  • Click the Devices option, and when the page opens, scroll down to the last option.
  • Select the option that reads Devices and Printers.
  • It will open the Devices & Printers page, and the list will show available printers that can be connected to your computer.
  • You can right-click on the printer name and view these options:
  • See What‘s Printing: It will display the list of files that are ready for print.
  • Set as Default Printer: It will set the selected printer as the default printer.
  • Printing Preferences: It will set the printer setup to its default printing settings.
  • Printer Properties: It will display and set the basic printing properties, like the name of the printer, driver and port, etc.
  • Remove Device: This option will remove the printer from the list.
  • Click Add printers or Scanner.
  • Click the refresh button if your printer isn’t detected initially.
  • You can manually add the printer by entering the name of the printer or the printer IP address, in case it wasn’t listed.
  • Once the printer is connected to the Windows 10 network, the wizard will be copied to your computer.
  • It will also reconfigure the printer driver for the network printer.

Follow the above how to connect printer to network Windows 10 directions in order to add the Network printer to the Windows 10 computer successfully.