How to Connect Nintendo Switch to TV

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to TV?

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Connect Nintendo Switch to TV

The Nintendo Switch is a gaming device and it is one of the few consoles that support all the games available at the moment. So, we can say that it is a universal gaming system. The battery life of the Nintendo Switch is approximately 5-9 hours, but it is totally reliant on the games you play. The switch is known for its small and unique design and it can be taken anywhere. It is also not heavily reliant on wires. Carry out the below-mentioned steps on how to connect Nintendo Switch to TV.

We’ll now see the steps to connect a Nintendo Switch gaming system to a TV.

  • Take out the Nintendo Switch device from the carton box and keep it close to your TV.
  • You could see a back casing on the gaming system.
  • At the back of the Nintendo Switch, you will find ports for an AC Adapter, USB cable, and HDMI output respectively.
  • Take out the AC Adapter and the USB cable that came along with the Nintendo Switch.
  • Connect the AC Adapter to the respective slot on the gaming system and connect it to the power source.
  • Connect an end of the HDMI cable to the Nintendo Switch and the other end of the cable to your TV.
  • Close the back case of the Nintendo Switch.
  • Now, take out your Nintendo console and remove the controllers from the console by sliding it gently upwards.
  • Place the Nintendo console into the switch with the screen of the console facing front.
  • The screen will turn off when the console is docked in the Nintendo Switch.
  • Turn on your TV and select the HDMI port --- the one you have connected to the Nintendo Switch --- as the source.

Now, if you have followed the steps described above, you will have successfully how to connect Nintendo Switch to TV.