How To Connect Alexa To Tv

How To Connect Alexa To Tv?

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To adjust the TV volume using the voice control feature, you have to establish a connection between your TV and the Amazon Alexa device. Here are the steps to connect Alexa to tv or a Samsung TV.

Step 1 - Installing the application


  • Go to the Google Play Store application on your Android mobile phone, navigate to the search bar, and type Samsung SmartThings.
  • Select the Samsung SmartThings application from the search results and tap Install.


  • If you use an iOS device, install both the Amazon Alexa and Samsung Smart Things applications from App Store.
  • To install the application, go to the App Store application and type the name of the application that you want to install in the search field.
  • Choose your application from the displayed search results and tap the Get option.
  • This will install the selected application on the iOS device.

Step 2 - Samsung SmartThings app

  • Open the Samsung SmartThings application on your smartphone.
  • Navigate to the Devices tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • Check if the Samsung TV is turned on.
  • Tap the Add Device option and select your TV from the list.
  • Once the TV and the smartphone are paired using the SmartThings application, turn on the Smart Device option.

Step 3 - Alexa app

  • Open the Alexa application on the smartphone, navigate to the Devices section, and add your Alexa device.
  • Also, add the Samsung TV and turn on the Samsung SmartThings skill.
  • Log in to the Samsung account to link the accounts.
  • This will pair the Alexa device to the TV automatically.
  • Now, you can control the Samsung TV with Alexa using your voice commands.
  • Contact us, if you want tech support for connect Alexa to tv.