Change Printer Default Settings On Mac

How To Change Printer Default Settings On Mac?

Printing your documents with the default printer settings makes your print job easy, as you don’t want to worry about configuring them. But you will have to change the default print settings when it comes to advanced printing. In general, the default settings on your Mac are limited. Using a driver provided by your printer manufacturer gives you more access to advanced settings. If you have installed any driver for your printer and wish to change printer default settings on Mac, go through the steps given below.

Changing The Printer Configuration Settings

  • On your Mac, click the Apple menu at the top-left corner of the desktop and select the System Preferences option.
  • Next, click the Printers & Scanners icon in the System Preferences window and select your printer’s name from the left-side panel.
Brother MFC J895dw setup

Click the Options & Supplies button and go to the Driver tab.

Brother MFC J895dw setup
  • Now, change the preconfigured settings.
  • By default, the printer driver displays the Copies & Pages menu in the Printer menu.
  • You can modify the print settings for each menu.
  • To save the configured settings, click the Save As option in the Presets menu.
  • Give a name for your preset and click OK.
  • You can select the saved presets for the next time you print remotely from your Mac.
Brother MFC J895dw setup
  • Hit the Enter key and check if CUPS has been enabled.
  • Close the Terminal window and open the default browser again to access the web interface.
  • Click the Printers tab and choose your printer name from the displayed list.
  • Select the Set Default Options option from the Administration drop-down menu.
Brother MFC J895dw setup
  • Change the default settings in the Printer Settings tab.
  • After modifying the required settings, click the Set Default Options at the bottom of the page.
Brother MFC J895dw setup
  • If prompted, input the administrator name and password in the required fields and click OK.
  • You have now seen how to change printer default settings on Mac.