Fatal Error 200 HP Printer

How To Resolve Fatal Error 200 HP Printer?

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If you’re wondering how to resolve the Fatal error 200 on an HP printer, then make use of the troubleshooting methods given on this page.Generally, Fatal errors occur during software installation. That means when your computer fails to recognize the printer driver, the Fatal error is displayed on the screen. Perform the following methods one-by-one to resolve the Fatal error 200 HP printer.

Method 1: Reconnect Your Printer To The Computer

  • As soon as you see the Fatal error on your computer, check whether the printer and computer are connected securely. If not, reconnect them.
  • If your connectivity type is USB, then disconnect the USB cable connected between the printer and computer.
  • Reconnect the cable after a while.
  • Similarly, if your connectivity type is wireless, then reconnect the printer and computer to the network.

Method 2: Turn Off HP Smart Install

If you have installed the HP Smart Install application, then there is a chance for the Fatal error to occur. Because this application is no longer supported by HP. To disable the HP Smart Install app on your computer, follow the instructions given here.

  • Go to the Setup screen of your printer.
  • Select the Service option followed by HP Smart Install.
  • Disable the HP Smart Install app if it is enabled.
  • Once it is disabled, try to install the driver on your computer.

Method 3: Run Windows Troubleshooter

If the Fatal error 200 on your HP printer persists, then run the Windows Troubleshooter tool on your Windows computer.

  • Open the Settings window of your computer.
  • Click the Update & Security tab followed by the Troubleshoot sub-tab.
  • Select the Printer option under the Get up and running section.
  • Click the Run the troubleshooter button.
  • Now, the troubleshooting process will be initiated.
  • Once it is done, install the printer driver on your computer. If you need remote assistance to resolve Fatal Error 200 HP Printer, contact our technical experts.
Fatal Error 200 On HP Printer

Method 4: Remove the existing printer from your computer’s control panel

  • Open the Control Panel window on your computer.
  • Go to the Hardware and Sound section.
  • Click the View devices and printers option.
  • Select your HP printer listed on the screen.
Fatal Error 200 HP Printer
  • Click the Remove device option.
  • Once the printer has been removed, restart your Windows computer.
  • Now, open the Run application.
  • Type printui.exe /s and tap Enter.
Fatal Error 200 On Your Printer
  • Go to the Drivers tab of the Print Server Properties dialog box.
  • Choose the printers listed on the screen and click Remove > OK.

If the fatal error on the HP printer persists, then contact us.