Epson et 4700 setup

Epson Et 4700 Setup

The multifunctional Epson ET 4700 printer comes with the EcoTank. So, you don't need the expensive cartridges anymore. You can connect this Epson printer to your computer via Wireless LAN, Wi-Fi Direct, Ethernet, USB, and Bluetooth. It also gives you options for mobile printing, including AirPrint and Mopria print services. These are some of the best features of Epson ET 4700. If you are curious about the procedure for setting up this printer, read this article. This page will give you better insights into the Epson ET 4700 printer.

Unpack your printer

  • Unpack the box and take out the components you received.
  • Check whether all the items are delivered without any damage.
  • Take off all the protective tapes from your printer.
Unpack your printer
Fill the ink tanks

Fill the ink tanks

  • Open the ink tank cover and unpack the ink bottle.
  • Place the ink bottle on the filling port and fill the tanks.
  • Once the ink tank is full, remove the ink bottle.
  • Repeat the procedure for all the ink tanks, but make sure to fill the tanks according to the color indications.
  • Once done, close the ink tank cover.

Turn on your printer

  • Connect the power cord between your printer's rear port and an electrical outlet.
  • Lift the control panel and turn on the printer by pressing the Power button.
  • Select your preferred language, country, date, and time.
  • Press the Start button on your printer control panel to start the ink charging process; once it gets completed, you can go ahead and load your paper.
Turn on your printer
Load paper

Load paper

  • Raise the paper support and move the guides to the corners.
  • Take a paper stack and load it into the paper feed slot.
  • Adjust the guides and extend the output tray.
  • On your Epson printer control panel, select your preferred paper settings.

Connect the Fax line

  • Connect a phone cord between the printer's LINE port and a wall jack.
  • To set up the fax function now, press the OK button. 
  • Now, configure the fax settings according to your preferences.
  • In case you prefer to set it up later, press the # button.

Connect your Epson printer to your computer

  • Insert the given CD-ROM into your computer's CD drive.
  • Run the setup file and install the software on your computer by adhering to the instructions.
  • In case your computer doesn't have a CD drive, you can get the software from Epson's official website.
  • From your browser, visit the official website of Epson.
  • Enter your printer model and download the printer driver that supports your OS.
  • Once the driver download is complete, install the software on your computer.
  • This software allows you to access your printer from your computer.

Now, you have set up your Epson ET 4700 printer. In case you still have any questions, contact our experts.