Epson Artisan 725 setup

Epson Artisan 725 Setup

Epson Artisan 725 is a wireless all-in-one printer that ensures excellent professional quality printing. You can print anything anywhere as it does not need a PC or Internet for printing. It’s equipped with a USB 2.O interface with PictBridge. So, you can print your documents from your digital camera itself. Its in-built photo correction mode makes you edit your photos just as the way it has to be. Now, follow the upcoming instructions for Epson Artisan 725 setup.


  • Start unpacking your printer and separate all the components given along with your printer.
  • You will be provided the following along with the printer: a power cord, an installation CD, ink cartridges, and a quick guide.
  • Take out all the protective linings and tapes.
Epson Artisan 725 printer setup
  • Lift the scanner, remove the transportation lock, and secure it for future use.
  • Now, bring down the scanner the way it used to be.
Epson Artisan 725 scanner

Switch on your printer and start the configuration

  • Take out the supplied power cord and connect it to the printer and an electrical socket.
  • Now, press the On button and raise the control panel. Start selecting your preferred language.
  • To lower the control panel, press the Unlock button.
Epson Artisan 725 configuration

Start Installing your Ink Cartridges on your Printer

  • Take out all the ink cartridges and unwrap them one by one. You could find yellow tape in every cartridge. Remove all the yellow tapes from all the cartridges, but make sure not to remove any seal from any cartridges, as it would lead to leaking of the ink from the cartridges.
  • Now, raise the scanner and insert the ink cartridges according to the color indication.
  • Lower the scanner cover back to the same position.
Ink Cartridges

Start loading paper

  • The paper cassette has two trays (main tray and photo tray). Pull out the paper cassette.
  • Load the paper in the trays.
loading paper on printer

Start Installing your Ink Cartridges on your Printer

  • Adjust the guides against the paper.
  • Insert the cassette back into the printer.
  • Now, your printer is ready for printing.

Software Installation

  • Take out the installation CD which came along with your printer and insert it into your computer’s CD drive to start installing the software.
  • If your Computer does not have a CD drive, start downloading the driver from the official Epson support page and install the same.