Epson artisan 1430 driver

Epson artisan 1430 driver

Epson’s Artisan 1430 printer represents excellent value for money for enthusiast DSLR photographers who would like to make big printouts at a reasonable cost. This printer is suitable for small families and offices who can benefit from its wireless and Bluetooth interfaces. Apart from this, the printer has plenty of downloadable apps to facilitate printing from the cloud. In the coming section, we will discuss the Epson Artisan 1430 driver setup.

Printer Driver Setup:

  • Windows and Mac computers include print and scan drivers for most of the printers available in the market.
  • When your computer gets connected to the Internet, the printer drivers install automatically when you connect the printer to your computer device via USB cable or by adding the printer to your network.
  • If your computer is unable to download the drivers on its own, you can follow the below steps for printer driver setup.
Epson artisan 1430 driver
  • Just go to your default browser and visit the official Epson support page.
  • Click on the Downloads tab.
  • The computer will automatically detect your Operating System. If it fails to detect your OS, you can choose it manually from the list of operating system versions and click Go.
  • Under recommendation, you can see the drivers for your Epson Artisan 1430; click on the Download button to proceed further.
  • If you have got a CD-ROM along with your printer, you need to insert it on your computer and easily install the necessary drivers and software.
Epson artisan 1430 driver

Driver Installation:

  • After downloading the drivers, go to the Downloads folder, where you can find your downloaded drivers and software.
  • Double click on the downloaded printer setup file to initiate the installation process.
  • A set of Terms and Conditions will be displayed on your computer window. Read the installation agreements carefully and select the checkboxes to accept them.
  • Choose a method for installing. You can choose a wired or wireless setup. If you choose Automatic setup, the driver automatically detects the printer and gets connected to your computer.
  • If you choose Manual setup, you can select the mode of connections such as a USB, Wired, or Wireless connection.
  • You can also opt to the connect later option. If you want to know more about the installation process, click help to learn more about connection initialization.
  • If you opt for a wireless connection, the system begins to analyze the network environment and displays a list of available networks on the screen.
Epson artisan 1430 driver installation
  • Click on the network with which you want to connect and follow the on-screen instruction. Press OK on the printer’s front panel to finish up the setup.
  • After finishing up the entire process/setup, you can choose either a wireless connection or a direct USB connection to connect with your printer.
  • So this was all about Epson artisan 1430 driver setup.
Epson artisan 1430 driver download