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Citizen CMP 40L Setup

Compared to every other Citizen printer, the CMP 40L is powerful and user-friendly. It is designed for easy use and has a shock-resistant plastic casing for long term use. Citizen CMP 40 L comes with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. It is suitable for mobile printing as well with apps on iOS, Windows, and Android.

The Citizen 40 L is equipped with the following items

  • Battery
  • Belt clip
  • AC Cord
  • Adapter
  • USB cable
  • Paper roll
  • Serial cable
  • CD ROM
  • Quick start guide
  • Battery cradle
  • The printer has the peeler link and the peeler with the display.
  • At the side of the printer, you will see a serial port and a USB port.
  • On the left side of the printer, you will see a charger port.
  • At the bottom of the printer, it has a battery input tray.
  • Install the lithium battery at the back of the printer.
  • Connect the AC cord to the AC adapter.
  • Connect the DC plug to the printer.
  • Open the top of the printer and install the interface cap.
  • Open the paper cover tray by pressing the paper tray button.
  • Install the external paper guides inside the printer.
  • Place a paper stock into the tray.
  • Make sure that the stock is placed in such a way it rolls in from the bottom.
  • Adjust the paper guide a little wider so the paper can roll out evenly.
  • Close the paper tray and bring out the paper line up. Press the paper feed/down button.
  • Now, connect the USB and the serial interface cable.

Citizen CMP 40L Driver Download

Once you set up your Citizen CMP 40 L printer, connect the mobile printer to your computer via a USB cable, the Citizen printer comes with an installation disk. Insert the CD to your Windows or Mac. The driver installation wizard will now open. It will open up a license agreement, click I agree and set your language. Follow the on-screen commands, and the Driver will be downloaded to your computer.

Citizen CMP 40L Driver Windows

  • After setting up your Citizen CMP 40L, connect it to your computer.
  • Make sure that the USB cable is firmly connected.
  • Launch a web browser on your Windows.
  • Search for the Citizen Official website. 
  • In the search bar of the Citizen website, click Support.
  • The next page will display three fields.
  • Category
  • Printer model
  • Type of Operating System
  • The CMP 40L comes under the mobile printer.
  • Select the type of Operating System, that is Windows.

Citizen CMP 40L Manual Download

The manual download is the same as driver download, but few options vary.Once you set up your Citizen CMP 40 L, connect the mobile printer to the computer via a USB cable and launch your web browser. Type Citizen website in the address bar. Once the web page opens, search for mobile printers and type the model name CMP L40. The page will display manuals and datasheets. Click downloads, and the option will open driver downloads. Select the category of the printer you want to download. Choose the Mobile option. Citizen has only four mobile printer models, so locating the CMP L 40 is easy. Select the type of Operating System for the download. Select your option and click Download. The Driver will now download to your computer, and you can run the setup wizard to complete the installation.

Citizen Cmp 40l Bluetooth Setup

  • You can connect the citizen printer to a computer or a mobile device using the Bluetooth connection.
  • Once you set up the Citizen CMP 40L, the display screen is lit.
  • Navigate to the settings option and select Bluetooth.
  • The printer’s Bluetooth is now turned on.
  • Take your smartphone or computer that has Bluetooth. 
  • Open the Settings menu and go to Bluetooth under the Connectivity option.
  • The list will show a series of devices that have Bluetooth enabled.
  • Select your printer, and it will take a couple of seconds to pair your device with your printer.

How To Connect Citizen Cmp40l To Wi-Fi

  • Citizen CMP 40L is also equipped with a Wi-Fi mode.
  • You can make a wireless connection for seamless usage.
  • Once the printer is set up, navigate to the settings on display and specify the connectivity.
  • Select Wi-Fi
  • The printer will scan for the available Wi-Fi networks around you.
  • Select your Wi-Fi connection, and the password input screen will appear.
  • Once you enter the password, the printer will be connected to a wireless network (Wi-Fi).

How To Replace The Paper Roll On Citizen Cmp 40l

  • Press the open button at the top of the paper cover on the printer.
  • Adjust the width of the paper guide using the knob at the side of the printer.
  • Place the paper stock gently in a way the paper unrolls from the bottom, as in a tissue roll.
  • Place the paper roll into the paper stock.
  • After inserting the paper stock into the printer, adjust the paper guide a little wider.
  • By doing so, pull the paper out and close the paper cover tray.

Now hold the paper coming out and run it down the paper line by pressing the paper feed button.