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Citizen CL s321 Setup

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Citizen CL s321 Setup

Citizen CL s321 comes with a unique and stylish design and is an All-in-One compact, easy to use printer. It comes with a Hi-Lift TM opening mechanism and full connectivity. It can be put to ideal use for high-end retail, health care, and courier & logistics. It comes with an Ethernet LAN, USB, and serial interfaces.

  • Open the cover of the printer and press the buttons on either side of the printer just below the panel.
  • You will find the printing mechanism inside.
  • Press the release catches, which will let you take out the printing mechanism.
  • Install the ribbon to the empty ribbon core with the adhesive at the end of the fabric.
  • Roll up the ribbon for 2 to 3 rounds.
  • Load the ribbon on the module.
  • Place it inside; first to the right and then move it to the right.
  • Load the ribbon to the rewind module.
  • Bring the ribbon up to its core and tighten it to the spring of the holder.
  • Align the left ribbon to the left of the ribbon wheel and rewind the wheel.
  • The ribbon loading is now complete.
  • Lift the printing mechanism and insert the label roll into the printer.
  • Pass the label through the printing mechanism and align it alongside the label guides.
  • You can now close the printing mechanism.
  • The Citizen CL s321 printer is now set up.

Citizen CL s321 Driver Download

The driver for the CL s321 printer is available on the Citizen’s official website. The s321 printer and the type of operating system the system is using will be detected automatically. The description will show the Windows Driver with a download icon and the list of operating systems it supports.

Citizen CL s321 Driver Windows

  • Insert the installation CD into the CD/DVD drive of the computer. 
  • It will open the driver folder of the CD.
  • Click on the .exe file on your screen to start the driver installation. 
  • This will open the driver setup wizard displaying three options. Select ‘Install printer drivers’ and click Next. 
  • It will show you a list of Citizen printer models. 
  • Select your printer model and click Next. 
  • Specify the USB connection port for connecting the printer to the computer. 
  • Enter the printer name and proceed to the next step. 
  • This will display the installation summary. 
  • Click on Finish, and the installation will be complete.

Citizen CL s321 Manual Download

The manual for the Citizen CL s321 printer is available on the CD-ROM delivered along with the printer. The Quick Start guide is also supplied as a booklet in the package. You can also download the printer from our site or from the manufacturer’s site.

Citizen Cl s321 Led Not Turn On

  • Not very often, you find the LED not working despite being in a powered upstate.
  • When the LED does not turn on for the Citizen CL s321, the direct result is a problem with the power supply or a shortage of power in your location.
  • You can try moving your printer to a place where there is minimum usage of electricity.
  • It will show some changes, and the LED might work again.
  • One more reason could be possible damage inside the control panel, which could have stopped the LED light from working.

Citizen Cl s321, Not Printing

  • Make sure the label stock is loaded properly into the printer.
  • Check if you have chosen an appropriate printing mode and the correct label stock.
  • Clear any stuck print media inside the printer.
  • Remove the print head from the printer and wipe it with a clean cloth.
  • Reset the print settings, and try to print. Try the following steps if the issue remains unresolved.
  • The citizen printers, in general, come with a fixed IP address.
  • These printers come with a user configuration IP (
  • This IP address will disable your printer from appearing online.
  • The IP change scheme is under Current Network Status.
  • If the IP doesn’t match with the, press and hold the reset button on the control panel until it beeps and repeats until you hear the second beep.
  • This resets the IP on the printer.
  • The procedure can help to start the Citizen printer up and running.
  • If the problem continues to exist, contact our technical experts.