Can't Find Printer On Network Mac

Can't Find Why Can't Find Printer On Network Mac?

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You would have connected your Mac PC to your printer, but the printer may not be available.

Try These Solutions To Troubleshoot The Issue

    Check The Cables & Connections Are Proper

  • If there are many cables connected to the Mac PC, then by mistake, the printer’s cable would have been disconnected. So, verify if the cable is connected properly between the Mac PC and the Printer. Also, try to disconnect the cable and reconnect it between the devices. If reconnecting the cable didn’t work, then try to connect the printer’s cable to a different port on your Mac PC.
  • Verify The Problem

  • Make sure the problem is not with the printing software. Ensure that the printer software is updated and is not corrupted. To keep your Mac device up-to-date, make use of the Software Update feature to locate and install the updated software. If your printer driver is not updated, download and install the latest version of the driver on your PC. Then verify if the printer is able to communicate with the Mac PC.

    Verify The Network Issues

  • Mac devices that are networked via AppleTalk can lead to their own communication issues. The printer cannot communicate with the Mac PC if web browsing is unavailable or the file sharing option is disabled. Choose System Preferences, click on Network, select Advanced, and choose Apple Talk. Check if Apple Talk is active. While using your wireless printer, add the device to your network by establishing a temporary USB connection.
  • Readd The Printer

  • Try to remove the printer from the Mac PC. Wait for a few minutes. Then readd the printer. Now, check if the printer is able to communicate with the Mac PC. If still you can't find printer on network Mac, then contact our technical expert.