Canon Scanner Not Working Mac

How To Fix Canon Scanner Not Working Mac Issue?

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The Canon Scanner Not Working

If your Canon scanner not working mac, the problem is with the connection or scanner driver. To resolve this problem, carry out the following troubleshooting steps.

Step 1

  • First, check if the Power LED on your Canon printer’s control panel is turned on. This ensures that the printer is powered up.
  • If the printer's Power LED is not lit, turn on the printer by pressing the Power button.

Step 2

  • Ensure that you have firmly connected the USB cable to the printer and your computer.
  • Make sure the USB cable is not damaged. If it is damaged, you have to use a new USB cable to connect the printer and the computer.

Step 3

  • Try to connect the USB cable to a different USB port on your computer.
  • The manufacturer recommends the user not to use a USB hub for the connection.

Step 4

  • Restart your Mac computer.
  • Still, if the Canon scanner is not working on Mac, continue with the steps given below.

Step 5

  • Power cycle the Canon printer. To do this, you have to disconnect the power cable from the printer and the power source.
  • After a minute, reconnect the power cable between the printer and the power source.
Canon Scanner Not Working Mac

Step 6

  • On the Mac computer, open the System Preferences window.
  • Click the Printers & Scanners option.
    Fix Printer Issue
  • Check if your Canon printer is displayed.
  • If not, you have to add the printer as explained in the instructions provided here.
  • Click the Add (+) icon and select the Add Printer or Scanner option.
    Canon scanner not working mac
  • Choose your printer. Navigate to the Use drop-down menu and select the Secure AirPrint or AirPrint option.
  • Once you click the Add button, the Canon printer will be added to the Mac computer.
    Canon scanner Can not working mac
  • Check if you can scan from the computer.
  • Now, the Canon scanner not working mac problem will be resolved. If you have any doubts in resolving this problem, you can get technical assistance from our support members.