Canon Printer Error Light Blinking

Why My Canon Printer Error Light Blinking?

If your Canon printer error light blinking? We've got some solutions to resolve it. The light on your printer acts as an alarm and alerts you to get away from some major printer issue. You need to watch the light and should keep a count on them to resolve the issue. It's a way of communication that your Canon printer is making via flashing lights. Alright, watch out for the flashes and resolve the printer issue by following the steps mentioned on this page. 

Error Light Blinks Two Times

Error: Paper not appropriately installed on your printer


  • Check whether you've loaded enough paper on the paper cassette/tray/paper support. If not, load some paper on your printer.
  • Adjust the edges on your paper tray/support/cassette and load the paper without crushing them.
  • If your printer has a Resume/Cancel button, then press the button to resolve the issue. The error light will now stop blinking on your printer.

Error Light Blinks Three Times

Error: Paper jam on your Canon printer


  • Unload the paper from your printer.
  • Check for any damaged or crushed paper pieces in between the bundle. Flip out the paper two to three times, align the paper, even it out, and load it back into your printer.
  • Remember not to damage the paper while adjusting the edges. 
  • Now turn off your printer, wait for about two to three minutes, and then turn it on. Check whether the issue is resolved.

Error Light Blinks Four Times

Error: Cartridge not installed properly


  • Turn off your printer and unplug it from the power outlet.
  • You've to discard the ink cartridge with the lamp flashing fast. Remove the cartridge from the printer.
  • Unwrap the cartridge and remove the protective tapes from it. Make sure to hold it by its side. 
  • Now, insert the ink cartridge into its slot.
  • Plug the printer into the power source and turn it on. 
  • The error light will now stop flashing.

Error Light Blinks Five Times


  • The error light flashing five times indicates that the printer's print head is either damaged or defective. 
  • Otherwise, an appropriate cartridge is not installed on your printer.


  • Remove any previously installed ink cartridges from your printer.
  • Install pertinent cartridges for your printer. 
  • Now check whether your Canon printer’s error light has stopped blinking. If it continues, then shift to solution 2.

Solution 2

  • Ensure that your Canon printer is turned on. On the printer's control panel, tap on the Home icon and navigate to the Setup option. If your printer has a Setup button separately, then press it.
  • Use the directional keys and navigate to the Maintenance option followed by Start Replacement.
  • Confirm your selection if prompted.
  • Now, open the printer cover and wait for the print head to stop at a place. 
  • Remove the print head from your printer. 
  • Unpack the new print head and remove the protective tapes and tags from the print head.
  • Install the print head on its slot. 
  • Now, turn off your printer, wait two to three minutes, and then turn it on. The error light will stop flashing now.

If the Canon printer error light blinking more than five times, then contact us by clicking the Call button given on this page.