Canon Pixma G5020 setup

Canon Pixma G5020 Setup

Canon Pixma G5020 Printer Setup

Canon Pixma G5020 setup is a wireless, mega-tank, single-function printer with a large paper capacity. This printer is suitable for text as well as photos. It is a high-volume printer that supports double-sided printing and has refillable ink tanks.

For setting up your Canon PIXMA G5020 printer, execute the following steps.

  • Remove all the packing materials and orange tapes.
  • Install the print heads.
  • Pour ink into the printer.
  • Connect the power cable from the printer to the wall socket and switch on the printer.
  • Press the ON button.
Canon Pixma G5020 driver

You have the option of loading either plain paper or photo paper in the rear tray of your Canon PIXMA G5020 printer. You can also load envelopes into the rear tray of the printer.For printing photos, Canon genuine photo paper is usually recommended.

  • For preparing paper, you need to align the edges of the paper. If the paper is curled, you have to make it flat.
  • Open the cover of the rear tray.
  • Fold back the paper support.
  • Open the cover of the feed slot.
  • In order to open both the paper guides, gently slide the right paper guide on Canon Pixma G5020 setup printer. 
  • Load the stack of paper in the portrait orientation. The printable side should be facing up.
  • Gently slide the right paper guide so that it aligns with both the sides of the paper stack.
  • Close the cover of the feed slot. You cannot feed the paper if the cover of the feed slot is open.
  • Press OK.
  • For choosing the size of paper that is loaded in the rear tray, make use of the navigation keys. Press OK.
  • Pull open the paper output tray. Now, open the output tray extension of Canon Pixma G5020 setup printer. 

Canon Pixma G5020 Driver

The driver for the printer converts the print data created by the application software into a type of data that the printer can understand, and also sends the converted data to the printer. 

The driver in the Canon PIXMA G5020 printer enables performing complete printing functionality for the printer. To make sure that your Canon PIXMA G5020 driver is up-to-date, execute the following steps:

  • On your computer screen, navigate to the Control Panel.
  • Select Hardware and Sound. Now, choose Device Drivers.
  • Select those devices that need the driver updates.
  • Choose Action.
  • Now, choose Update Driver Software.

Your computer will now start scanning for the current printer drivers and will also start checking whether an updated version is available.

Canon Pixma G5020 Driver Download

To download the driver for your Canon PIXMA G5020, execute the following steps:

  • Navigate to the official site of the Canon PIXMA G5020 printer.
  • Under the title PIXMA G5020, click the DRIVERS & DOWNLOADS tab. 
  • Under the title Drivers & Downloads, you will see a drop-down list for the Operating System.
  • Click open the drop-down list and select the Operating System of your choice.
  • You will see the Optional Driver(s) title. Under this title, you will see another title, File Name.
  • You will also see some options for your Canon Pixma G5020 drivers. Click the SELECT button provided next to the file you choose.
  • Click the SELECT button provided next to the title File Name
  • Click the DOWNLOAD button next to the titles, File name and Supporting Documents of Canon Pixma G5020 setup printer.

Canon Pixma G5020 Manual

You can access the Canon Pixma G5020 Manual by executing the following instructions:

  • Navigate to the official site of the Canon PIXMA G5020 printer.
  • Under the title, PIXMA G5020, click the MANUALS tab.
  • On the page that is displayed, you will see a list of Optional Manual(s).
  • This list contains manuals for various operating systems.
  • Click the SELECT button provided next to the Optional Canon Pixma G5020 Manual of your choice. For example, if Windows is the operating system you are using, click the SELECT button provided next to G5000 series (PDF) User Manual (Windows).
  • To open and view this Canon Pixma G5020 manual, click the VIEW button provided next to the heading File name.

You will see that the Canon Pixma G5000 series Online Manual is displayed. This PDF manual contains instructions for performing product functions such as Canon Pixma G5020 setup and troubleshooting. If you need a hard copy of this manual, you need to download and print it.

Canon Pixma G5020 manual

Canon Pixma G5020 Wireless Setup For Mac

Using any Wi-Fi-enabled computer or tablet, you have the facility to print and scan wirelessly over your network connection. Along with the Wi-Fi enabled computer, tablet, or mobile device, you will also need a wireless router and a wireless printer. All these devices must be connected to a single wireless network connection.

For wireless printing, you need a network setup with wireless 802.11b/g/n capability. 

  • From the manufacture’s site, download and install the software for your Mac operating system.
  • To start the installation program, double-click the Canon Pixma G5020 wireless Setup icon.
  • In order to install the helper tool, click Next
  • You will see a prompt which will request you to enter your computer password. Enter your password and click the Install Helper button.
  • The setup program will now begin. Click Start Setup.
  • Choose your country or place of residence. 
  • Read the License Agreement. To proceed, click the Yes button.
  • You will now find an agreement regarding the usage of services of your printer. Read it and click the Agree or Do not Agree button. 
  • You will see the Select Connection Method screen. On the screen, click Wi-Fi Connection and then click Next.
  • Ensure that your Printer setup is switched on for Canon Pixma G5020 wireless setup. 
  • You will see the Canon Pixma G5020 setup program stating that no printers are found. Click the Next button.
  • Press the Wireless Connect button and hold it for three seconds. Click the Next button.
  • On the screen that appears, click the Alternative Methods button.
  • The Wi-Fi Settings screen will be displayed. On this screen, select the Set up Wi-Fi connection using a USB cable method and click the Next button.
  • The Printer Connection screen will be displayed. Connect your Canon PIXMA G5020 printer to your computer using an A to B USB cable.
  • You will find that the setup program starts. You have to wait for a few minutes.
  • You will see a prompt that requests you to allow the Canon Pixma G5020 setup program to access the key-chain of your computer. Click the Allow button.
  • When you see that the connection is completed, click the Next button.
  • Disconnect your USB cable and then click the Next button.
  • You need to wait for some time for the Canon Pixma G5020 wireless setup program to complete.
  • On the Add Printer screen, click Add Printer
  • The Add window will be displayed. In this window, choose the listing for your Canon PIXMA G5020 printer.
  • In the Use drop-down list, select Secure AirPrint or AirPrint and then click Add.
  • On the Setup Complete screen, click the Next button.
  • On the Software Installation List, check the boxes next to the software you want to install. Click the Next button. 
  • You need to wait for the setup program to complete Canon Pixma G5020 wireless setup.
  • Once the installation is done, click the Exit button.

Your Canon PIXMA G5020 printer is now set up for use with your Mac operating system.

Canon Pixma G5020 Troubleshooting

As in all printers, you might face a few Canon Pixma G5020 Troubleshooting problems while using the Canon PIXMA G5020 printer.Following are some of the frequently-occurring issues in the Canon PIXMA G5020 printer:

  • Network Communication problems
  • Problems while you are printing from your tablet or smartphone
  • Mechanical problems
  • Installation and download problems
  • Other printing problems like
  • Printer Does Not Print
  • Printouts are Blurry or Fuzzy
  • Ink Runs Out Fast
  • Colors Are Unclear
  • Paper is Smudged
Canon Pixma G5020 troubleshooting

A common mechanical problem and its solution:

Wrong Language Appears in LCD

When you see this message on your printer’s LCD, follow the Canon Pixma G5020 troubleshooting instructions given below to select the language of your choice:

  • Tap the Canon Pixma G5020 Setup button and wait for a few minutes.
  • Touch the right navigation button once and press the OK button.
  • Tap the right navigation button four times and press the OK button.
  • Tap the left and right navigation buttons to select your language for using the printer’s LCD. Press the OK button.
  • The LCD will now display the language of your choice.
  • Press the Stop button.

A common printing problem and its solution:

Printer Does Not Print

  • Ensure that your printer is switched on.
  • Check if the printer is correctly connected to the computer.
  • Make sure the paper settings match the information you have set for the rear tray.
  • Try deleting all the unnecessary print jobs.
  • Ensure your printer driver is updated to avoid Canon Pixma G5020 troubleshooting problems. If not, install the most recent version of it from the manufacturer’s site.
  • If Windows is your operating system for Canon Pixma G5020 setup printer, check if you are trying to print a file of extensive data. Restart the computer.