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Canon Printer G2000 Error 5b00

On this page, we shall discuss how to troubleshoot the Canon G2000 printer error 5B00. The error 5B00 occurs when you use a third-party ink cartridge on your printer. Generally, third-party cartridges can damage your printer performance in many ways. The printer will boot up normally, but it will not respond to the print or scan operation. Another symptom of this error is that the Power light will blink 7 or 8 times. To resolve the Canon G2000 error 5B00, follow the troubleshooting methods given below.

Method 1: Using The Canon Printer Service Tool

  • Download the Canon printer service tool from a trusted site and install it on your computer.
  • After installing the tool, open it.
  • Make sure that all the functions and buttons are enabled.
  • Look for the Ink Absorber Counter menu in the Main tab and locate it.
  • Now, set the ink counter value to 0%.
  • Click the Set button.
Canon G2000 Set Button

Check if the error 5B00 is resolved. If not, try the next solution to resolve it.

Solution 2: Run Your Canon Printer On Service Mode

  • Make sure that your Canon G2000 printer is turned off.
  • Now, hold down the Power button on the printer’s control panel for 4 to 5 seconds.
    Canon g2000 Power Button
  • Once the blue light on your printer’s control panel starts to blink, press Stop 6 times.
  • Now, release the Power button.
  • Turn on your Canon printer and check if the Canon g2000 error 5b00 is resolved.

Solution 3: Reset Your Canon Printer

  • Turn on your Canon printer setup if it is turned off.
  • Hold down your printer’s Reset button followed by the Power button.
  • Release the Reset button and hold down the Power button.
  • Now, press the Reset button twice.
  • Make sure not to release the Power button until you see the idle message on your printer’s screen.
  • Once the message is displayed, remove and reinstall the ink cartridges into the printer.

Check if the Canon g2000 error 5b00 is resolved. If not, contact us.

Reset Canon Printer