Brother MFC J6945dw setup

Brother MFC J6945DW Setup

Brother MFC J6945DW Printer Setup

  • Unbox the Brother MFC J6945DW setup printer.
  • Remove all the protective tapes from the printer.
  • Load plain A4 paper in the front tray of the printer.
  • To do that, pull the paper tray out of the Brother MFC J6945DW printer.
  • After loading the paper, replace the tray into the printer.
  • Get the power cord provided with the printer package.
  • Connect one end of the cord into the printer and the other end to the wall outlet.
  • Turn on your Brother MFC J6945DW setup printer. Now, proceed to install the set of genuine ink cartridges into the printer.
  • Unpack the ink cartridges.
  • Now, open the ink cartridge cover of your printer, and insert the cartridges into the respective slots.
  • After that, close the ink cartridge cover.
  • Set the other printer preferences as instructed on the printer’s screen.
  • Once you are done with the printer setup, begin the software installation on your Windows or Mac system.
  • Open the Brother MFC J6945DW driver file on your system.
brother mfc j6945dw driver
  • Select a connection type for your printer when prompted during the Brother MFC J6945DW driver installation.
  • Finish the Brother MFC J6945DW printer driver installation by following the on-screen Brother MFC J6945DW setup instructions.
  • Finally, try a test print or scan operation to check the printer functions.

Brother MFC J6945DW Driver

A printer driver converts the information to be printed or scanned into a format that the printer can process. It is necessary to install the print driver software of your printer on your system to access the features of the printer to perform the different operations right from your device.

Brother MFC J6945DW Driver Download

  • You can download the Brother MFC J6945DW setup printer driver from this site by clicking the Driver Download button displayed on the page.
  • Select your operating system and its version from the OS drop-down menu.
  • Wait for a few minutes for the download process to complete.
  • Once the Brother MFC J6945DW driver is downloaded successfully, open it and begin the installation.

Brother MFC J6945DW Driver For Mac

The quick steps given below will direct you to download the Brother MFC J6945DW printer driver file from the printer’s official site for your Mac system.

  • On your Mac system, open the Safari web browser.
  • Navigate to the official site of the Brother printer using its URL code.
  • Search for the Brother MFC J6945DW printer in the product list.
  • Once you reach the Brother MFC J6945DW printer’s Support & Downloads page, locate and click the Download tab.
  • Choose your operating system and its respective version by clicking the radio button beside them.
  • After specifying your OS and version, click the OK button.
  • Now, the list of driver files available for the selected OS and version will appear on the screen.
  • Select the driver file you want from the displayed list and click the Agree to the EULA and Download button.
  • Wait for the Brother MFC J6945DW driver download process to complete.
  • Begin the driver installation on your system once the download process is complete.

Brother MFC J6945DW Manual

The user manual for the printer includes all the details you need to know about the printer, such as copyright, warranty card, basic Brother MFC J6945DW setup, printer functions, and troubleshooting instructions. A hard copy of the user guide is provided along with the printer package. A soft copy of the manual can be downloaded from this site; click the Manual Download button, and perform the on-screen instructions.

Brother MFC J6945DW App

The Brother MFC J6945DW setup printer lets you perform the print or scan operation over a wireless or wired network. The Brother printer’s manufacturers have developed some applications that let you perform all printer-related operations from your hand-held device to the printer. The application that supports in the Brother MFC J6945DW printer is AirPrint, Mopria, and Brother iPrint & Scan app.


It is a built-in feature that is available on most of the iOS devices. Connect your iOS device and the Brother MFC J6945DW printer to the same wireless network. Then, begin to perform the printer-related operations from your iOS device.

Mopria Print Service:

This is a free application available for Android devices. You can download the Mopria application from the Google Play Store. After installing it on your Android mobile, begin the printer related operations on your Brother printer.

Brother iPrint & Scan application:

The Brother iPrint & Scan application supports Android, iOS, and Windows some version types. You can download this application from App Store, Google Play Store, and Microsoft Store.

Brother MFC J6945DW Wireless Setup

The guided instructions given below will direct you to connect your Brother MFC J6945DW printer to a mobile device using the Brother MFC J6945DW Wi-Fi Direct method.

  • Begin the Wi-Fi Direct method by turning ON your printer for Brother MFC J6945DW wireless setup.
  • On your Brother printer’s main screen, tap the Settings icon followed by the All Settings option.
  • Tap Network --> Wi-Fi Direct --> Manual.
  • Now, the network name or SSID and network key or password for the Wi-Fi Direct connection will appear on the screen.
  • Enable the Wi-Fi option on your mobile device.
  • Select the network name that matches the printer’s SSID.
  • Enter the network password in the required field and tap the Connect button for Brother MFC J6945DW wireless setup.
  • Once the mobile device is connected to your Brother MFC J6945DW setup printer, install the Brother iPrint & Scan application on it, and start performing the printer-related operations.
brother mfc j6945dw wireless setup

Brother MFC J6945DW Paper Jam

Brother MFC J6945DW Paper jam is a common issue faced by most of the users. If you have not adjusted the paper slides correctly or have loaded curled/damaged paper into the tray, then there is a chance for this issue to occur on Brother MFC J6945DW setup printer. The Brother MFC J6945DW paper jam issue is notified to you by means of an error message. Try to identify the correct issue corresponding to the error code/message and perform the required Brother MFC J6945DW troubleshooting steps to fix this issue.

  • If the Brother MFC J6945DW paper jam has occurred in the front of the printer, then first, switch off your Brother printer if it is turned ON.
  • Take the paper present in the MP tray.
  • Remove the front tray from the printer.
  • Search for the jammed paper and locate it.
  • Gently remove the paper that is jammed in between the tray.
  • After removing the jammed paper, refill the tray and replace it.
  • To get remote assistance in removing the jammed paper from the Brother MFC J6945DW setup printer, click the Call button to contact our technical experts.